Fly with us!

Fly with us!

Flying was never that easy

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Fly with us!

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We fly everyday of the week except Monday. From 11:00 to 19:00 hrs. Everything under previous booking, according to the availability of each day.


We are placed at the entrance of Cajon del Maipo, close to las Vizcachas. In any case you can find us in Waze or Google Maps as AlmaOutdoor Chile.


Any person who is beetwen the weight ranges can fly: 40kg to 105kg. *Excluding (unfortunately) people with extreme medical conditions, detailed in the general description of each activity*


To be able to fly with us you just need to book your flight in this same webpage. In that way we can as a team keep the specific day and hour specially for you, in order to give you the best outdoor experience of your life from the hand of AlmaOutdoor Chile!

Give happines, give experiences!

Give happines, give experiences!

Stop thinking about the perfect gift when you are just in front of it. The experiences stay, the objects not for long. We all have unforgettable memories and I can assure you that flying by paragliding is definitely something you will never forget!

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Tandem Flight

Come and enjoy of a touristic paragliding flight with the best certified pilots of Chile. Flight where you'll be able to enjoy the marvelous views of all Santiago, the Cajon del Maipo valley and obviously the majestic Cordillera de los Andes. With a length between 15 to 20 minutes in the air, We'll make you to be delight and marvel with the views you only will see from our Paraglidings!

Tandem Flight

Reviews from our passengers

Pablo Cardenas

FACEBOOK - I never thought I would have dared to do this. But I'm very happy to have done it with you guys. The trust you gave me from the beggining to the end was remarkable!

Pablo Cardenas

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