Touristic paragliding flight

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Touristic paragliding flight

$49.990 CLP

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Touristic Paragliding Flight at the best flying center in Chile!

Come and enjoy from a touristic flight by Paragliding with the best certified pilots.

Flight in which you'll be able to enjoy from the wonderful sights of all Santiago, the Cajon del Maipo valley and obviously the majestic Andes mountainrange.

Also being able to look and understand the general geomorphology, the flora and recurrently the aerial fauna endemic of the place (Eagles, Condor, Tiuques, Etc)

With a length that oscilates beetwen 15 to 20 minutes in the air, we make you be delight and wonder with views you'll only see from our paraglidings!

*Within our team we count with French speakers and English speakers that will act as translators in case they would be needed*

- Place: You can find us in Waze or Google Maps as AlmaOutdoor Chile, but for you to have an idea, the center is placed at the entrance of Cajon del Maipo near Las Vizcachas.

- Length: The length of the flight (in the air) oscilates beetwen 15 to 20 minutes. But it would depend directly of the weather conditions of the day you are going to fly.

- Price: The price of the paragliding flight with a certified instructor is $54.990 per person.

We work with Online Payment System that allows credit and debit cards.

It is posible to add the additional service of pictures and videos with a Proffesional sport camera Gopro 4K for an extra of $4.990 or with Proffesional sport camera Gopro Max 360° for and extra of $9.990.-

- Includes: A paragliding proffesional paragliding pilot certified by DGAC, complete paragliding euipment and security equipment, transportation from the landing zone to the take off zone.

- Pilots: All our pilots are certified by the DGAC (General Direction of Civil Aeronautic) entity that regulates the aerial traffic in Chile.

- Place: The flying center counts with common waiting places with shadow, seats, gourmet restaurant, bathrooms, parking lot, etc.

*Any doubt or inquiery we would be please to help you. You can contact us by Email or in whatsapp +569 7629 5343*

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